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Global Entrepreneurship Week comes back to the Triad from November 17th - 23rd.

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Shift Here- Greensboro Startups

Shift Here was founded in December 2012, with a purpose of creating the camaraderie and support system for entrepreneurs in Greensboro.  No matter if you’re in the infancy stage, or your company has been up and running for years, we want to provide a platform to support and encourage one another.

Our mission is to contribute to the Greensboro community, by delivering successful startups, new jobs, collaborative events and access to resources.

If you would like to visit our monthly Shift Show & Tell, which takes place the first Wednesday of every month beginning at 6PM at the Nussbaum Center, to talk with other local entrepreneurs about issues you’re facing with your startup, or just make connections with other entrepreneurial minded people.  If you’re up for more informal networking and drinks, you can visit Shift After Hours, which takes place the third Monday of every month.

Shift will always be active in testing the waters with programming, events, and other initiatives.  To stay up to date with what Shift is doing around the community, you can signup for our mailing list, or follow us on our various social media outlets.

Don’t just sit there on your computer, get involved and start making shift happen!

Arthur DO Stuart - Shift Co-Founder & Co-organizer

Arthur DO Stuart – Shift Co-Founder & Co-organizer

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