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Global Entrepreneurship Week comes back to the Triad from November 17th - 23rd.


Is funding your startup a hassle? It’s probably because you’re chasing limited funding instead of tapping into the vast amount of idle capital available in your community.

Signup as a startup or established business for the Shift Startup Combine held February 8th, 2014 at the Nussbaum Center to take part in the first phase of the Cashless Incubator.

Startup Sign up (requesting resources)

You can sign up for the Startup Combine prior to pitching at a Shift sanctioned event, but you must pitch first to qualify for the Combine along with being featured in the monthly startup scouting report.

The information you provide will be included in a monthly startup scouting report sent out to potential businesses interested in loaning idle capital resources.

What are your startup’s top purchase priorities?  (e.g. personal housing, printing, groceries, store front, soap, etc.)
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Business Sign up (loaning resources)

To sign up as an established business, tell us what items and/or resources you’re willing to loan and under what conditions (For example: profit sharing, repayment of one time or scheduled fee, etc.)
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